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Getting Involved

Thank you for getting involved. Click on the links below, or at the side of this page, to take you straight to your area of interest. Reports showing the impact of your feedback and input are available here.

Help shape hospital services - Find out more, get involved and have your say 

Healthcare professionals across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and Chesterfield are coming together with patients and the public to help shape how hospital services could be delivered in the future to ensure local people continue to get safe, sustainable, high quality care.

The first step has been to look at how current hospital services are provided and what needs to happen to future proof them, taking into account local and national issues such as rising demand, workforce and resource challenges and consistently delivering quality standards. The overall aim will be to ensure patients and local communities have access to appropriate, safe, high quality care and that improved ways of working are developed to ensure existing staff are retained as well as hospitals being able to attract the best possible staff in the future.

The independent report for the first stage of the above work has now been published and is now available on the Health and Care Working Together website.

Comments are invited from everyone and we wanted to let you know that you can send yours in to by 13th July 2018.

Please click here for more information on how to get involved in shaping hospital services. 

Help review and refresh the All -age Barnsley Mental Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Strategy

Coming soon. The Barnsley Mental Health Forum have agreed to help advise and support the work that we are looking to start in the near future to refresh the current mental health and wellbeing commissioning strategy. Click here to read the current strategy. More information on how to get involved in the review will be available shortly.

Reducing prescribing of over-the-counter medicines

(Updated 4/4/18) NHS England has now finished its consultation on reducing prescribing of over-the-counter medicines for 33 minor, short-term health concerns. On 29th March 2018 it published the findings and the guidance for CCGs and prescribers, which is available here.

In the year prior to June 2017, the NHS spent approximately £569 million on prescriptions for medicines which can be purchased over the counter from a pharmacy and other outlets such as supermarkets.

These prescriptions include items for a condition:

  • That is considered to be self-limiting and so does not need treatment as it will heal of its own accord;
  • Which lends itself to self-care, i.e. that the person suffering does not normally need to seek medical care but may decide to seek help with symptom relief from a local pharmacy and use an over the counter medicine.

Vitamins/minerals and probiotics have also been included in the consultation proposals as items of limited clinical effectiveness which are of high cost to the NHS.

NHS England partnered with NHS Clinical Commissioners to carry out a consultation after CCGs asked for a nationally co-ordinated approach to the development of commissioning guidance in this area to ensure consistency and address unwarranted variation. Conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care: Guidance for CCGs aims to provide a consistent, national framework for CCGs to use. A series of implementation tools to support CCGs in implementing this guidance are under development.

What does this mean in Barnsley?

During the national consultation we have been encouraging people to feedback their views. We now need to consider what this guidance means for us in Barnsley. We have a local service called PharmacyFirst, which encourages people to see their pharmacists, instead of their GP, for common conditions. We are currently reviewing the new guidance and will be asking for your feedback. More details will be published on this site and will be sent out to local groups, organisations and anyone signed up to receive our OPEN newsletter. If you would like to receive more information when it becomes available please email