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Get involved

 If you are interested in your local NHS and would like to get involved in the work we do to develop and improve health services in Barnsley, you can become a member of the Our Public Engagement Network (OPEN) membership scheme.   Whether you are a patient, career or member of the public, if you live in Barnsley or are registered to a Barnsley GP you can help shape the future of health services through our OPEN membership scheme.  

What is the OPEN membership scheme?  

The OPEN membership scheme was set up as a meaningful way of involving the people like you, who care about your health and the local NHS. We talk to our members to gather views to inform the key decisions that are made when we commission health services.

Making the most of your membership. 

We have developed three levels of membership depending on how involved you want to be:

  • Level 1 - I would like to receive regular newsletters from NHS Barnsley CCG
  • Level 2 - As Level 1, I would also like to be asked for my views and opinions on local health services through patient surveys
  • Level 3 - As Level 1 & 2, I would also like to be invited to be involved in discussions around my chosen area of interest  

If you would like to receive regular newsletters please email:  with your name.  

Why do we need your help?

  • We want to work successfully in partnership with the people of Barnsley
  • We may have to make tough decisions but we want to make these together
  • We want to form strong links with patients, carers and communities
  • We want to concentrate on quality and making improvements to services that matter to you
  • Engaging is the best way to make a difference to local health services


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