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Join the OPEN membership scheme

The OPEN membership scheme has been set up as a meaningful way of involving people like you. 

You will receive regular updates about the CCG as well as notifications on things you can get involved with and influence.  Your opinion matters.

This is your opportunity to help us work together to shape the future of Health and Social Care for people in Barnsley.

The Our Public Engagement Network (OPEN)

The OPEN membership scheme offers people living in Barnsley the opportunity to have their say on local health and social care issues. Please complete this short form to register your interest and join the scheme.

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It would be helpful if you could share some information with us so we can ensure we are hearing form a range of people who access health care in Barnsley.  Your information will be treated confidentially and individual information will not be shared or published.  If you prefer not to say on any of these questions please feel free to leave them blank or put prefer not to say

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We assure you that the infomration you provide will be treated confidentially and will be stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act.  The OPEN membership scheme will never share your information with a third party without your consent.