NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group appoints new contract to run GP services at Brierley Medical Centre.
10 November 2015

NHS Barnsley CCG has appointed the contract for GP services at the Brierley Medical Centre to Barnsley Healthcare Federation. They will take over the running of the Brierley Medical Centre practice, from the existing premises in Brierley, commencing 1 December 2015.

Barnsley Healthcare Federation is made up of 18 GP practices from across the borough. The contract was awarded following a public consultation over the summer. Feedback from patients during the consultation was used to help inform what services were needed in that area.

Vicky Peverelle, Chief of Corporate Affairs at NHS Barnsley CCG said: "We're delighted to be able to offer a continued GP service for patients of Brierley Medical Centre. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation. The availability of existing or new premises in Shafton hasn’t changed. As there is an alternative existing GP service in Shafton, combined with the strong feedback from patients that a Brierley service is needed, our decision has been to maintain a GP service in Brierley.”

"We are writing to patients to keep them informed of the decisions made and to really thank them for their input both during the consultation and through this whole process.”

Jim Logan, Chief Executive of Barnsley Healthcare Federation said: “This is excellent news, we are really keen to get started and working on behalf of patients in the Brierley and Shafton area. Patients won’t have to do anything as the changeover happens, it’ll all be seamless. They can be assured that we’ll be working hard behind the scenes to make sure they have the highest quality of care they could expect from a GP practice.  We’ve looked at all the feedback that came through during the summer and we’ve taken all that on board. I hope any differences patients see will be positive ones.”




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