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Barnsley CCG to invest extra £3million in resources

Barnsley CCG to invest extra £3million in resources
27 September 2013

NHS Barnsley CCG to invest £3million in extra resources

NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is investing almost £3million into services.  £2million of which is to ensure the public aren’t left out in the cold this winter.  

Dr Nick Balac GP and Chair of NHS Barnsley CCG said:  “We know that every winter demand on health services escalates.  We plan for a possible 15% increase in demand on services over a period during the winter months.  NHS resources are under pressure so together with local health services we have prioritised a range of services to help ensure Barnsley people get the best treatment available.”

One of the major challenges each winter is having adequate beds for people who need to be admitted to hospital. As a result the following are being introduced:

  • Increase in the number of beds available, resulting in two additional wards in Barnsley Hospital.  One from November – March 2014 and another in January where historically there has been an increase in admissions.  Additional beds will also be available on a short-term basis if required to meet demand
  • A new discharge team for patients that are awaiting non clinical aspects of care e.g. transport or medication.  This will free up beds quicker for new patients coming into the hospital.  This will continue to be provided after winter.

Frail, elderly people are often one of the major users of services over winter so a new early intervention service for these patients arriving at A&E or the Acute Medical Unit will be introduced.  Upon arrival they will be assessed and if require admission will go straight to the appropriate ward and seen by specialist care of the elderly consultants or doctors. 

In the community there will be an increase in the rapid response service capacity.  The rapid response teams enable patients to stay at home during a short-term illness and avoid unnecessary admission to hospital.  They receive care and treatment in their own home and if necessary also have equipment provided to support them. 

Barnsley CCG and Barnsley Council have committed resources to support winter pressures. The health and social care system is gearing up to cover seven-day working to support additional winter demand. 

In addition to the £2million invested in community and hospital services over winter, NHS Barnsley CCG has also agreed over a £1million to improve access to services in the long-term.

Dr Balac ends:  “This funding demonstrates our commitment to ensuring people have access to the right services at all times.  However, we know that demand will rise over the next few months and we need to be prepared.  By introducing these new services it will enable more patients to receive the care they need quickly and efficiently.”


Notes to Editors:

1)    The £3million investment by NHS Barnsley CCG will provide additional services within the hospital and community to include:

  • An additional ward (28 beds) for five months and a second ward (28 beds) in January
  • Spot purchase of extra intermediate care beds
  • Increase in rapid response teams
  • Seven day social care presence
  • Extra medical staff in A&E and Acute Medical Unit
  • Discharge team
  • Pharmacy Robot (see below)

2)    NHS Barnsley CCG has also agreed a £750,000 investment in the automation of dispensing prescriptions at Barnsley Hospital.  This state-of-the art process, available in 2014, will enable staff to spend more time with doctors and patients advising on medication needs.

3)    NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commissions health services for the borough of Barnsley. The CCG is made up of 38 GP practices and has a governing body which is made up of doctors and nurses, Barnsley lay members and officers.

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