NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group has received one of the highest ratings in the country by NHS England.
25 July 2016

The annual NHS England assurance assessment for 2015/16 measures how the CCG has performed throughout the year. The CCG, who plans and buys  health and wellbeing services on behalf of the Barnsley population, received a rating of Good, putting them in a strong position nationally.

The rating is based on five areas which include strong leadership; robust governance arrangements; actively involves and engages patients and the public and works in partnership with others, as well as financial management and planning. The CCG rated good in all five areas.

Lesley Smith, Chief Officer for Barnsley CCG said: “Our staff, member practices, and partners should rightly be extremely proud of this rating, which recognises their commitment over the last three years to improve the health and wellbeing of the Barnsley population.

“Our story is one of strong clinical leadership, extensive engagement, longer-term planning and continually striving to put Barnsley people at the heart of what we do.”

For information:

  • Nationally 10 CCGs were rated ‘outstanding’, a further 82 ‘good’ and 91 were found to ‘require improvement’. At the same time, NHS England is taking action with each of the 26 CCGs rated as ‘inadequate’.
  • The five areas for assessment:
    • Well Led organisation
    • Delegated Functions - how well CCGs have taken on the commissioning of GP services
    • Finance
    • Performance – how well the CCG has delivered improved services and outcomes for patients
    • Planning.

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