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New respiratory service in Barnsley

New respiratory service in Barnsley
02 October 2017

A new Barnsley respiratory service will enhance the patient experience and reduce the number of hospital trips for patients.

The Barnsley REspiratory Assessment and THErapy (BREATHE) Service has been commissioned by Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group and is delivered in a joint partnership between Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Barnsley Healthcare Federation.

The BREATHE Service is investing in more respiratory nurses who will rotate working between Barnsley Hospital, in the community and in GP surgeries.

The service aims to improve the patient’s journey, enabling them to receive more treatment in their own home and GP surgery, avoiding hospital visits where possible. Where a hospital visit is necessary the team will work with the patient to get them discharged as soon as possible with the correct follow up care at home.

As well as working with patients in their homes and community the BREATHE Team will also support  Emergency Department staff by assessing respiratory patients who may be suitable for early supported discharge, allowing them to get back to their own home with the support of the community nurses.

Dr John Harban from Barnsley CCG, said: “Services working together is vital for someone living with a breathing condition. We’ve gone from two to nine specialist respiratory nurses and by investing more in these teams who work with people to stay well, it’s a win-win. People get better quicker, they feel more confident and supported to manage their condition. For lots of people that means fewer emergency trips to hospital. It’s a better quality of life all round.”

Jacqui Pollington, Lead Respiratory Nurse at Barnsley Hospital, said: “We are very excited to launch the BREATHE Service, working together with our partners we have developed a service that will enable us to improve the pathway of care for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.”

Jill Young, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Manager, said: “We will be providing pulmonary rehabilitation to patients in Barnsley. As a Trust our mission is to help local people reach their potential and live well in their community; so we’re delighted to be involved in managing and maintaining the health of people with chronic respiratory disease.”

The new service will be launching at the start of September and developing over the following months.