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Patient record improvements win national award for Barnsley

Patient record improvements win national award for Barnsley
14 July 2017

NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group and Barnsley Healthcare Federation CIC win a national award for the improvements made to the way patient healthcare information is stored and shared.

The national Private Sector Paperless awards recognise the work public sector organisations are doing to use digital technology to remove the need for vast amounts of paper and speed up communications.

NHS Barnsley CCG and Barnsley Healthcare Federation won the ‘Management and Culture Project of the Year’ for work to improve access for clinical staff to people's GP records, reducing the need to send letters and other paper-based correspondence and providing instant access.

The new system and the different way of working, now allows certain doctors and nurses at the hospital and GP services, all who use a variety of IT systems, to securely share up-to-date patient information whatever IT system they use. This leads to safer, more efficient care and a better experience for patients.

This is important when someone needs health care by someone outside their own GP practice – the IHEART Barnsley evening and weekend GP service for example, or the overnight GP service, or the accident and emergency team.

Dr Nick Balac, chair of Barnsley CCG said: “We’re extremely proud that the work we are doing in Barnsley is being recognised nationally. Getting the different parts of the NHS more joined up is at the heart of what we’re striving for and this work is a success story.

“If I’m in a consultation with someone, I’ll have all their records in front of me on a computer and it’s been like that for long time now. But what happens if you want to make use of the weekend appointments with IHEART Barnsley, or you go to A&E? We think it’s vital that these services are able to see the most up to date information on you too.

“The information is limited to things like current conditions and medication. It offers sufficient detail so the person providing the care can do so efficiently and safely, any time of the day or night. It also reduces the need to repeat, or remember, all your medical history every time you see someone new. Once you’ve received that care, it’s recorded on your online record, rather than being sent via a letter, which is what used to happen.”

The integrated IT systems, which the CCG has invested in, allows:

  • Efficient working - Clinicians no longer need to contact GP surgeries for patient information
  • Secure data sharing - GPs have complete control of how much patient information is shared. Patients can opt-out if they want to
  • Improved patient care - Clinicians can provide efficient care 24/7 based on real-time patient information
  • Real-time data - Clinicians can be assured they are viewing the most up-to-date information available.

The Public Sector Paperless Awards encourages digital progress, recognises achievement and spreads best practice in digital transformation within public sector organisations.