Contract awarded for overnight and weekend GP care
19 July 2017


Covering out-of-hours GP services across the borough for the next three years

NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group has awarded the contract, worth around £4.8m, to a Barnsley organisation to provide high quality out-of-hours GP services for the next three years.

One contract has been awarded to Barnsley Healthcare Federation Community Interest Company, following a competitive tendering exercise by NHS Barnsley CCG.

The new contract is for a GP out-of-hours service, which operates outside normal surgery hours from between 6.30pm all through the night until 8.00am on weekdays and all day and night at weekends and on bank holidays.

The service is only for when someone needs an urgent appointment with a GP during these hours, when their surgery is closed. It does not replace existing GP services.

The out-of-hours service will run in the same way as it does now.  If you call NHS 111 in the evening or overnight, or any time over a weekend or bank holiday and they think you need to be seen or contacted by a GP, they will arrange that for you. They will either arrange for you to see the out-of-hours GP, who will be based at Barnsley Hospital, or they will arrange for the GP to come to your home or telephone you at home.

This means people have 24/7 access to a GP, whether that is at your own surgery or outside surgery hours.

The new providers, Barnsley Healthcare Federation, run the iHEART Barnsley service, which offers bookable GP and nurse advice and appointments in the evening and on weekend mornings. This will continue to be provided in addition to the new out-of-hours service.

Jamie Wike, head of planning, delivery and performance at NHS Barnsley CCG said: “We think there will be benefits to the way Barnsley Healthcare Federation is proposing to run this service. From a patient’s point of view the standard out-of-hours GP service will happen exactly the way it does now – if you need urgent advice, including a GP overnight, then you’ll call NHS 111 and if that’s the best course of action, they’ll arrange for the out-of-hours GP who will be based at the hospital to see you there, or to telephone you or visit you. 

“In the future, the federation may also be able to offer additional venues to the hospital for these out-of-hours appointments, which people may find more convenient.”

The contract starts on 21 July 2017 and runs until 2020.

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