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Barnsley 365in30

Want to see what the CCG has been doing during 2014/15? Don't have time to read the full annual report?

Well, sit back, relax and we'll take you on a CCG journey.

Our staff and member GP practices have chosen a whole range of things which they feel represent the role of the CCG and showcases the work that took place throughout 2014/15. We've taken these things and turned them into short films for you to watch - 365 days rolled into the 30 days and broadcast throughout June to coincide with our AGM.

Throughout June we're shared these films here on our website and on Twitter or Facebook with you and we'd love you to share them with your friends, family, colleagues, groups and networks using #Barnsley365in30. We wanted to bring the annual report to as many people across Barnsley as possible and hopefully save you the task of reading all 130+ pages!

We'd love to get your feedback - email us at

The full published 2014/15 annual report and accounts is also available to read.


Our AGM 2014/15

Getting the Best from the Barnsley £

A&E Research 

Inpatient Automation Services 

Integrated Personal Commissioning

Reception Navigation & The Innovation Fund 

Barnsley Dementia Action Alliance 

Barnsley Education Support Time

Emotional Wellbeing with Young People in Barnsley

Meet Keely Hardy from Chilypep, an emotional health and wellbeing worker, working with young people at Barnsley College. NHS Barnsley CCG supported the pilot of this work to inform future plans for promoting emotional well being for children and young people in Barnsley.

New End of Life Care and Cancer websites in Barnsley 

Barnsley Independent Alzheimer's and Dementia Support

Patient reference groups in Barnsley 

Blood Pressure Monitors


We look at a new scheme which speeds up the process for Dermatology referrals, available in certain GP Practices in Barnsley.

Members Council Meetings

The members council plays an integral role in the way we make decisions. Find out more as we take a brief look at the way the members council works.

RightCare Barnsley

RightCare Barnsley is a care navigation centre set up by the CCG to help local patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Public Governing Body meetings & #Twittertop

This animation looks back at the success of our social media presence and the accessibility of our public Governing Body meetings throughout 14/15.

LGBT forum

Andrew Bogg, Male Co-chair of the local LGBT forum speaks to us about the important work that has taken place with the CCG over the last 12 months, whilst looking forward to the future.

Lets Grow!

Dan from VAB speaks to the CCG about the "Let's Grow!" initiative, which aims to unite people across Barnsley through a common aim, whilst promoting physical and psychological wellbeing in the process.

The PEARS scheme

Dr Mills of the Ashville Medical Practice speaks about the PEARS Scheme, which sees easier and more timely access for patients to eye care services across Barnsley.

Jo's Trust Cervical Cancer Screening Award 

Representatives from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust presented the CCG with an award for the great work in tackling hard-to-reach groups for cervical screening with the "Fear or Smear" campaign.

Apprentice of the year - #Barnsley365in30

Marie Hoyle, Practice Manager at the Kakoty Practice speaks to us about the reward experience of taking on an apprentice healthcare assistant, who went on to win multiple on accolades for her work and was recognised as apprentice of the year by Cache.