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August 2014

This month, the Governing Body at NHS Barnsley CCG heard the story of Anna. Anna describes her experience of being diagnosed with gall stones and finding herself waiting for an operation. Whilst on one level the account highlights how frustrating delays can be (waiting to see a surgical doctor in A&E, waiting for a scan, waiting for an outpatient appointment and then an operation) it also demonstrates how little support or guidance she received as she waited and how her self determined lifestyle changes did make a difference for her to the extent that she was having second thoughts about surgery.

The ensuing discussion within the Governing Body highlighted the need to recognise that just because a diagnosis or treatment is not life threatening and considered by health care professionals as ‘routine’ the impact and fear for the individual patient should never be underestimated.

Further more whilst work to streamline treatment pathways is required (e.g. access to diagnostic scans) key to improving the experience for patients will be how individuals recognise the impact for patients and their need for support and guidance as they await the next step.