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Supplementary papers September 2019

These papers are supplementary to the Governing Body meeting on 12 September 2019. Click on the links to view or download each paper.

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Supplementary paper pack list to accompany papers below.

Appendices: C2,  C3,  C4C5,  C6C7

Six sub appendices to Hospital Services Programme Final Report 

Appendix: D,  D1,  D2,  D3D4

ICS CEO System Leader Update and four appendices

Appendix E

Feedback from South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (SYB ICS) and region focus meeting on 16 May 2019 

Appendix F

Place Based Reviews 

Appendix GG1

Regional Patient Flow Policy - HASU Patient Flow Policy 

Appendix H

SYB Strategic System Response to the NHS Long Term Plan 

Commissioning of Children’s Services quarterly monitoring reports 

Appendix 44.1

Acute Paediatric Services Review Report & slide pack 

Mental Health Update 

Appendix  2.12.2

Barnsley Suicide Prevention Plans & Action Plan 

Appendix 3

South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw ICS Suicide Prevention Plans 

Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service Specification

- Appendix 1, 2, 34