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How to get involved

You’re the experts – so get involved!

You are the expert on your health. That is why Barnsley CCG is committed to putting the voice of our patients and public at the heart of what we do.

Listening to you and acting on your feedback when it comes to all our decision making and evaluation of health services, is critical in helping us to continually improve services.  We need to make sure the health services provided in Barnsley meet the needs of the people who live here, which is why your involvement is so important.

In our role as GPs, we listen to our patients every day and hear about your experiences of the services in our area. We will use this face-to-face opportunity to the maximum when developing and commissioning services.

As a CCG, we speak with patients and the public on a regular basis - both formally and informally. We use a variety of ways to talk to the communities we serve, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to take part. This may be through our OPEN panel and events, Patient Participation Groups, surveys and questionnaires or face-to-face consultations.

We also expect to hear what you have told local providers about their plans for improving and developing services. We work very closely with Barnsley Council too as they play a big role in promoting health and wellbeing and they also commission some services on our behalf.

All this should mean that by working together with everyone involved in health and wellbeing in Barnsley, your feedback will make a difference, wherever you get involved. In this section you can find out more about:

How you can get involved and have your say about your local healthcare services

How we work with local residents, groups and organisations interested in health and wellbeing

How we monitor equality, quality and health inequalities

How your involvement has influenced our work

There are lots of ways you can get involved with your local NHS and help it work better for you and our local community.