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Have your say on diabetes services in Barnsley.

The future of health and care in Barnsley is to create a more joined up health and care system, where you experience continuity of care. This is particularly important for people living with diabetes, who see a wide range of healthcare teams.

There are lots of positive things that we have already been able to put in place. This year for example we have:

  • Invested in identifying and supporting people at higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
  • Invested in the DAFNE education support for people living with Type 1 diabetes, which will be available in early 2018.
  • The diabetes services are working with young people and their families to get the best outcomes from any move from children's to adult services.

What have people told us so far?

Over the past 18 months, we've talked to people about how the diabetes services and support works for them and how these services could meet people's needs in the future.

There was lots of positive feedback but one of the main things people told us was that they were seeing lots of different teams. This could sometimes feel like they were in a pinball machine - moving from one doctor or nurse to another. Sometimes this meant repeating conversations but it could also mean repeating tests.

We have also looked at what other areas of the country are doing to lead the way in diabetes care and support.

Why do things needs to change?

We want people living with diabetes, and their families, to feel supported and empowered, so that when they do need these services, it feels like “one team”, each delivering their part, without duplication and designed around the individual. We also want to make the most of the skills of all the different teams.

What next?

To make this way of working together happen, a range of diabetes specialists such as consultants, specialist nurses, GPs, dieticians and podiatrists, along with us as commissioners, have developed a service specification that describes the aims, outcomes and proposed way diabetes services will run in the future. This was informed by feedback from people with diabetes.

What are the changes?

To make sure that the services can meet people's needs now and into the future based on those issues we described, we are putting out a service specification to re-procure two elements of the diabetes services in Barnsley.

These are:

  • The Community Diabetes Specialist Nursing service for adults aged 17+
  • Outpatient services at the hospital, for adults aged 17+ relating to their diabetes

The proposals are outlined in the survey, giving examples of how the diabetes teams think things can work across Barnsley.

Over the past month we have been asking for your feedback on both your experience of services and your thoughts on the proposals.

Next steps 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their comments and feedback to us. 

We will share the themes from the feedback with the organisations wishing to bid for this service, in order to find a provider best placed to meet the needs of Barnsley people and in line with the national guidance. We will also use this information to develop quality standards. This will only be done in ways that ensure that no individuals can be identified.

As a direct result of the above engagement we have recruited two patient representatives to be involved in the procurement panel for the re-procurement of the two elements of local Diabetes services highlighted above.  Their role will be to help to set the relevant questions for potential bidders of this service relating specifically to accessibility and patient involvement and they will also help to score these questions in order to help determine the successful bidder to provide these services going forward.

A summary of the feedback will be sent directly to you if you requested it, or a copy of the engagement report is now available to download here.