There are lots of groups across Barnsley involving local people with experience of living with health conditions or experience of using health services.

Here are a just a couple of groups you can get involved in:

Barnsley Cancer Action Group provide a patient voice and help us to keep patients at the heart of what we do.

It is a small group of local people that have been affected by cancer in some way and have all had different experiences, encountering good and bad aspects of the cancer journey for patients and carers. They are using this experience to support the Living With and Beyond Cancer Programme in Barnsley by working alongside Barnsley Hospital, the CCG, local authority and other organisations in Barnsley to ensure that all care, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially are provided to a high standard and that there is equality of care throughout Barnsley. Click here for contact details.

Barnsley Maternity Voices is a group is run by a volunteer who work with midwives and other healthcare professionals to improve services for women and their families. Visit their Facebook page.

OASIS is the group of young people who get involved in promoting mental health and wellbeing. 

For more opportunities to get involved sign up for our newsletter or check out LiveWell Barnsley for local groups.

The Barnsley Together Forum 

The Barnsley Together Forum exists to support racial equality and integration across the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Area. The Forum provide a space for issues, challenges and ideas to be discussed openly, both by service providers and local residents.

The Forum are keen to develop their membership, and want to invite BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) people living in the Barnsley area to come to speak with them about how life is in Barnsley, what issues there may be, what help they may need, and how things could be improved. This is a chance for local people to make their voices heard and to talk about the communities’ interests. Whatever your age or concerns, the Forum are keen to hear from you.

The Forum would like to organise quarterly meetings through the year, which for the time being will be conducted via Zoom, for BAME residents to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings on current issues, and possible responses to them.

Please feel free to contact either Jonathan or Florentine from the Forum for further details at: or 07874380302 or 07539750135

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