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Mental health and wellbeing

Help review and refresh the Barnsley All-Age Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy


We are working in collaboration with The Barnsley Mental Health Forum to help advise and support the work to refresh the current mental health and wellbeing commissioning strategy. 

Click here to read the current strategy. 

Get involved 

The forum are currently conducting two online surveys - one survey is exploring existing services and if they meet local people’s needs (the New Barnsley Mental Health Strategy (All Ages) Survey) and the other survey is a reissue of the questions asked in a previous Clients Alliance Crisis Survey.  Please click on the links above in order to access these and to share your views and feedback.  

The average time to complete is about 4 minutes. The feedback gathered will be shared with the CCG Lead Commissioner for Mental Health in order to help inform the refresh of the all age Barnsley Mental Health and Wellbeing Commissioning Strategy in 2020. 

It would be very much appreciated if you could please share this information with anyone who you feel would be interested in sharing their feedback. 

Get in touch with the Barnsley Mental Health Forum 

You can get in touch with the Barnsley Mental Health Forum directly. They are service user led group who influence mental health services provided for people in Barnsley who need support to cope. Anyone in Barnsley with mental health issues, and their carers (friends or family) can join. Service user led means that they run their own group, make their own decisions, and only answer to people in Barnsley who use mental health services and their carers.

You can email the Forum at or visit their Facebook page.

In addition, you can sign up for our latest news to receive details of all the upcoming opportunities to get involved.  Further information on how to get involved in the review will be available in early 2020.