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Barnsley Vaccination Programme Update - 5 March 2021

Barnsley Vaccination Programme Update - 5 March 2021
05 March 2021

Latest figures show that by the end of February almost 70,000 people in Barnsley have now had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. A huge thank you to everyone who has come forward for the vaccine so far and to the NHS staff and volunteers who have made it possible. 

Group 6

The GP vaccination service in Barnsley will be focusing their efforts on people identified in priority group 6. During March, the GP vaccination services will continue to work through everyone in this group. There are around 30,000 people across the borough in this group, which is why it will take a number of weeks to contact everyone. Thank you for being patient.

Aged 60-69?

Towards the end of March, the GP vaccination service will have worked through the majority of people in group 6. They will then begin to invite people aged 60-69, who haven’t booked themselves into one of the larger vaccination centres. People aged 60-69 can already book vaccine appointments at the large vaccination centres, and are advised to do so if they are able to travel.

Second doses

As well as the thousands of people who will be contacted for their first doses throughout March, the NHS will also start to contact people due for their second dose. Second doses are given in week 11-12 from your first dose. It is extremely important that you have your second dose. So when you are contacted, please accept and attend the appointment you are offered.

The vaccination service will contact patients to schedule their second dose around a week before their appointment. Please do not contact your GP practices, they will contact you.

For information relating to some of the other frequently asked questions we have been receiving please click here 

Thank you again for all your continued support of the vaccination programme.