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Classes of Information

Classes of Information

The Information Commissioner has identified seven classes of information which should be published by public bodies in the health sector. These classes help to describe our organisation, our role, priorities and governance, and how we account for our expenditure. These classes are listed below:  

The services we offer

Who are we and what we do 

What we spend and how we spend it

What are our priorities and how are we doing

How we make decisions 

Lists and registers

Our policies and procedures 

Trade Union facility time

We are not required to create information which is not required for the running of our CCG. There may be instances where some information will not be included in our Publication Scheme such as :

  • Where we do not hold that information.
  • Where disclosure of information is exempted under the Freedom of Information Act, excepted by the Environmental Information Regulations or prevented by other laws such as the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Notes or information which is still in draft form.
  • Emails and other correspondence.
  • Actions and decisions related to individuals.
  • Information which has been archived and no longer easily accessible.
  • Information which is old or has been superseded.
  • Where it would be impractical to prepare the information for routine release.

 Feedback and Comments on our Publication Scheme 

If you would like to provide any feedback or comments on our Publication Scheme please contact the Freedom of Information Lead using this email address or by post to Barnsley CCG, FOI Team, Hillder House, 49 – 51 Gawber Road, Barnsley, S75 2PY.

I can’t find the information I want in Barnsley CCG’s Publication Scheme

If you cannot find the information you want in our Publication Scheme, the Freedom of Information Request Disclosure log or on our website, you are entitled under the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations to make a request for the information.