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Pharmacy First

Don't wait for a doctors appointment. Go straight to your pharmacy

Through the Pharmacyfirst service you can get extra advice, guidance and support for a range of common, minor short-term helath conditions. 

Your pharmacy team will be able to offer you a cost-effective range of treatments to manage your condition. For some conditions, you may also be able to receive free treatments from your pharmacy if you are eligible for free prescriptions.

From August 2019, in line with national NHS guidance, your doctor, nurse and pharmacist will not generally give you a prescription for, or supply free of charge, medicines which can be bought over the counter for common, minor short-term health conditions.

If you do pay for prescriptions, the the cost of medicines should be much less than the current prescription charge.

Your local pharmacy team play a key role in advising you on common, minor health concerns and if your symptoms suggest it's more serious, they'll ensure you get the care you need. They can offer the enhanced Pharmacyfirst service giving you personalised advice on what treatments might be best for you and how long you can expect your symptoms to last.

All the information on this page is also available to download in a leaflet (PDF).  Click here.


How do I know if I can use the Pharmacyfirst scheme?

The Pharmacyfirst scheme is available in participating pharmacies across Barnsley to anyone registered with a Barnsley GP practice.

What about children?

Children can be treated for certain conditions depending on their age and what medicines are available. Some medicines can only be given to younger children on prescription.  Sometimes the pharmacist will need to see your child to make sure the right advice or treatment is given.

How do I know which pharmacy to go to?

The pharmacies participating in the scheme will display a Pharmacyfirst window sticker or poster in their window.  All participating pharmacies have a private consultation area.

What conditions are included in the scheme?

The conditions covered by the scheme can be found in the tab marked CONDITIONS.

Will I always receive medicine?

Not always, because you may not require any.  If this is the case the pharmacist will give you advice on how best to treat your symptoms.

If it is appropriate, the pharmacist will give you the right medicine.  This medicine is only for you and should not be used for anyone else.

The pharmacist will also tell you the best way to take the medicine and other ways to help manage your symptoms.  If the pharmacist thinks you need to see your doctor or nurse the pharmacist will provide you with a referral slip for you to take to your GP.  This will indicate to your doctor or nurse that you have been to the pharmacy and the reason you have been referred to them.

What should I do if my symptoms persist?

It is important that if your symptoms persist after the time your pharmacist has advised, or you start to feel a lot worse, you should:


The following conditions are currently covered by the scheme:

Updated July 2019

  • Allergies
  • Earache
  • Eczema
  • Scabies
  • Vaginal thrush
  • Head lice - from August 2019 pharmacists will provide enhanced guidance and support and will only be able to supply the Nitty Gritty combs or Bug Buster Kits for treatment of head lice.

Your pharmacy team can also offer you additional advice, guidance and support personal to you for a whole range of common, minor health concerns for which can buy treatments over the counter.

Participating pharmacies

These pharmacies offer the PharmacyFirst service. Pharmacies are listed A-Z of the pharmacy name. For opening times and contact details visit the NHS search for a service website.

AM Clark Ltd 1 Market Place, Penistone, Sheffield S36 6DA
Asda Old Mill Lane, Barnsley S71 1LN
Barugh Green Pharmacy 12 Higham Common Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley S75 1LD
Birdwell Pharmacy 148 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley S70 5TD
Boots UK Ltd Unit 2, Cortonwood, Barnsley, S73 0TB
Boots UK Ltd Worsbrough Primary Health Centre, Powell Street, Worsbrough, Barnsley S70 5NZ
Boots UK Ltd 34-40 Cheapside, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S70 1RT
Cohens 199 King Street, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9LJ
Cohens 16-18 Market Street, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9QR
Cohens Walderslade Surgery, High Croft, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9AF
Cohens Chemist Apollo Court, High Street, Dodworth, Barnsley S75 3RF
Cohens Chemists 3 Victoria Crescent West, Barnsley S75 2AE
Darton Pharmacy 67 Church Street, Darton, Barnsley S75 5HQ
Ellisons Chemist Cockerham Hall Mews, 17 Huddesfield Road, Barnsley S70 2LT
Ellisons Chemist 92 Park Grove, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S70 1QB
Gatehouse Pharmacy The Gate House, Long Croft, Mapplewell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 6FH
Kexborough Pharmacy 3 Ballfield Lane, Kexborough, Barnsley S75 5EF
LloydsPharmacy Oaks Park Primary Care Ctr, Thornton Road, Kendray, Barnsley S70 3NA
LloydsPharmacy Unit C1, Barnsley Transinterchange, Midland Street, Barnsley S70 1SE
LloydsPharmacy 7 Cemetery Road, Barnsley S70 1XS
Lo's Pharmacy Ltd Queensway, Grimethorpe, Barnsley S72 7LJ
Lo's Pharmacy Ltd 2a Baden Street, Worsbrough, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 5PA
McGill Pharmacy 37 High Street, Wath On Dearne, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S63 7QB
McGill Pharmacy 63-65 Knollbeck Lane, Brampton, Rotherham S73 0TW
RD Hill Dispensing Chemists Ltd 5 Chatsworth Road, Athersley South, Barnsley S71 3QL
Rotherham Road Pharmacy  4 Rotherham Road, Great Houghton, Barnsley S72 0DB
Rowlands Pharmacy Chapelfield Medical Centre, Mayflower Way, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0AJ
Rowlands Pharmacy 5 George Street, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0DD
Rowlands Pharmacy 393 Darton Lane, Mapplewell, Barnsley S75 6AL
RT Elliott Ltd 31 Agnes Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S70 1NJ
Shafton Pharmacy Unit 1, High Street, Shafton, Barnsley S72 8NF
Silkstone Pharmacy 3 High Street, Silkstone, Barnsley S75 4JH
SKF Lo (Chemist) Ltd The Medical Centre, Pontefract Road, Lundwood, Barnsley S71 5PN
Stone Pharmacy Garland House Surgery, 1 Church Street, Darfield, Barnsley S73 9JX
Superdrug Pharmacy 24/32 Cheapside, Barnsley S70 1RR
Tripharm Woodland Drive Medical Centre, Barnsley, S70 6QW
Ward Green Healthcare Ltd 95 Vernon Road, Ward Green, Barnsley S70 5HJ
Weldricks Pharmacy 65C Midland Road, Royston, Barnsley S71 4QW
Weldricks Pharmacy St Andrews Square, Bolton-On-Dearne, Rotherham S63 8BA
Weldricks Pharmacy Thurnscoe Centre, Hollybush Drive, Thurnscoe, Rotherham S63 0LU
Weldricks Pharmacy The Goldthorpe Centre, Goldthorpe Green, Rotherham S63 9EH
Weldricks Pharmacy 48A High Street, Royston, Barnsley S71 4RF
Weldricks Pharmacy 26-28 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, Rotherham S63 9NF
Weldricks Pharmacy Welfare Road, Thurnscoe, Rotherham S63 0JZ
Well 244 Barnsley Road, Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8SS
Well Roundhouse Medical Centre, Wakefield Road, Barnsley S71 1TH
Well Hoyland Centre, High Croft, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9AD
Well 11 Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield S36 6BZ
Well 2 Snape Hill Road, Darfield, Barnsley S73 9JU
Well 12 Hoyland Road, Hoyland Common, Barnsley S74 0LY
Well Cudworth Health Centre, Carlton Street, Cudworth S72 8ST
Wm Morrison Pharmacy Cortonwood Retail Park, Brampton, Rotherham S73 0TB
ZA Akram Ltd 22 High Street, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0AA
ZA Akram Ltd Judy Row, Monk Bretton, Barnsley S71 2EJ


Information updated September 2019