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Partnership Working in the Dearne

Updated May 2019 

Surveys for Dearne Residents open until end of May - Emotional wellbeing (working age people) and Engagement with children and young people of secondary school age

Led by the Area Team in the Dearne, we have been working in partnership with health, social care and local providers to improve outcomes for those that live in the Dearne. Part of this work involves asking residents their views about our two main priorities which are young people and emotional wellbeing.

Only if you live in the Dearne. please see the first link below with regards to the emotional wellbeing survey which is now live to complete for those that live in the Dearne area. This is for people of working age, so if you could please complete and/or promote that would be much appreciated. 

The second link is for young people of secondary school age, living in the Dearne and again your assistance in getting these completed would be great. The more we get completed the clearer the picture we can get in terms of views from local people. The surveys will be open until the end of the month and then the results will be collated.

Emotional wellbeing survey for people of working age - Please click here

Survey for young people of secondary school age - Please click here

Community champions have also been recruited that will be based across the Dearne and trained to assist with this work and conduct face to face surveys, more info to follow

Please visit the Dearne Area Team Facebook page for further information or contact Claire Dawson from the Dearne Area Team on 01226 775106.

Thank you for your assistance.