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Barnsley Vision Strategy

Barnsley Vision Strategy Group would like to thank the 30 residents experiencing sight loss who attended an event at the Town Hall on Saturday, 11 May.

The event follows a recent questionnaire sent out by the group, asking people with sight loss for their experiences, views and opinions on prevention, independence and inclusion, and services. The results will help them identify what is working well, where there any gaps, and what Barnsley people want to concentrate on in the future.

Some 93 questionnaires were returned, with initial findings showing that prioritising public transport and raising public awareness was high on people’s agenda. These were discussed in more detail at Saturday’s event.

The Vision Strategy group is made up of representatives from people with sight loss, Barnsley Council, HealthWatch Barnsley, local charities,  Barnsley Hospital, Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group, South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Barnsley Blind and Partially Sighted Association, Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind and local opticians.

The group is working together to develop ways to prevent sight loss, promote local eye health services and develop services for Barnsley people who have sight loss.

It plans to work with people with sight loss to look at what can be done within the resources available. They want to help people engage in what is already available locally, help support new community projects and look at developing services.

The term ‘sight loss’ includes people who have a sight loss that is affecting their everyday life; they may or may not be registered as sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind).

Your feedback

In April 2019, we asked adults with sight loss in Barnsley to fill in our survey for the Vision Strategy Action Plan. 94 questionnaires were completed.

We also asked adults to attend our Your Sight Matters event on Saturday 11 May 2019 at Barnsley Town Hall to talk about services that could help people with sight loss. 28 adults with sight loss attended the event and gave their views.

What we did with your feedback

From the survey feedback, we outlined the main themes that people with sight loss felt are important. We then asked attendees of the Your Sight Matters event to decide which themes where most important.

Read our report which explains what you said to us and what we did or are hoping to do with your help.  

Thank you for your help with the survey and engagement event and your continued support. It is very much appreciated. Your help is vital to any improvements made in Barnsley.

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