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PMS Premium

Barnsley CCG has £120k in 2016/17 to invest in local services as part of what is called the PMS ‘premium’. PMS refers to Personal Medical Services contracts, which some GPs across the country and in Barnsley, hold.

In Barnsley, the CCG commissions GP practice services (primary care) and so this ‘premium’ element of the funding for Barnsley is reinvested locally by the CCG.

These are the areas which have been supported by the PMS premium across Barnsley.

Approximately £20,000 has gone to ensure the equalisation of minor surgery payments to providers.

Around £90,000 will support the administration and coordination of the borough-wide investment  in medicine specialists working in GP practices. This new programme will ensure patients have access to the right medication for their condition and supporting them in the management of their condition.

Approximately £10,000 will fund flu vaccinations for vulnerable groups not currently supported through NHS England funding, specifically people with a BMI in excess of 40 (who aren’t already captured in the at-risk groups).