This website is no longer being updated.

NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group has been legally dissolved and from 1 July 2022 has been replaced by a new organisation: NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (SY ICB). NHS South Yorkshire ICB is now responsible for commissioning and funding of health and care services locally. Please go to our new website for information about the work of NHS South Yorkshire ICB and details about how to contact us.

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NHS Barnsley CCG has a statutory responsibility for ensuring the organisations from which it commissions services provide a safe system that safeguards children and vulnerable adults. 

Children and young people 

The CCG has a statutory duty to be a member of the Local Safeguarding Children Board and Safeguarding Adult Board working in partnership with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to fulfil its safeguarding responsibilities.

Keeping young people and children safe is everyone's business. If you have the slightest concerns about a child or young person's welfare please don't ignore it - do something about it.

If you suspect a child under the age of 18 who lives in the Barnsley borough is being neglected, mistreated, or abused, you should inform Directorate for Children, Young People and Families.  You can ring the Barnsley social care teams during office hours on 01226 772423 

However, if you believe that a child or young person is at immediate risk, you should treat this as an emergency and call 999 to report your concerns to the police.

For out-of-hours (outside office hours, at weekends or on public holidays) for both safeguarding both adults and children, please ring 01226 787789.

For more details on safeguarding children please click here.


Safeguarding is about protecting an adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. It is about people and organisations working together to prevent and stop both the risks and experience of abuse or neglect, while at the same time making sure that the adult’s wellbeing is promoted including, where appropriate, having regard to their views, wishes, feelings and beliefs in deciding on any action. 

People’s wellbeing is at the heart of the care and support system under the Care Act 2014, and the prevention of abuse and neglect is one of the elements identified as going to make up a person’s wellbeing. In the context of the legislation, specific adult safeguarding duties apply to any adult who:

  • has care and support needs, and
  • is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse or neglect, and
  • is unable to protect themselves because of their care and support needs.

All staff within health services have a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of patients and colleagues. Safeguarding adults is a fundamental part of patient safety and wellbeing and the outcomes expected of the NHS. NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring that the NHS contribution to safeguarding and promoting welfare is discharged effectively across the whole local health economy through its commissioning arrangements. 

For full details visit the Barnsley safeguarding adults website.