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Get fit first for surgery

Get fit first

Getting the best clinical outcome for your condition is very important. If your GP thinks you may need surgery in the future, they will talk to you about getting in the best shape you can.

The CCG is proposing that people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, or who smoke, will be asked to spend a period of time getting fit first, before being referred for routine surgery and will be offered support to help them to do so. 

We have pulled together a draft patient information leaflet and we are asking for your comments. It provides details of the benefits of getting in the best shape you can before surgery and why your GP will be talking to you about supporting you to do this, in a way which suits you - whether that is through the free local weight management groups or free stop smoking service, or something which suits you better.

We need to understand what information you may need, if this applies to you in the future. We will take all the feedback and use it to develop something which is clear and provides answers to your questions. This summary of feedback will be shared with the Governing Body as they consider this policy in December 2017.

The leaflet would be available to your GP and hospital consultants to use when they discuss this with you. You would be able to take a copy away or download it from this website. 

Download the draft patient leaflet here.

After reading the draft patient leaflet we would welcome your feedback on the following:

  • Is the information clear and easy to understand?
  • Is there any more information you would like to add?
  • Is there anything you would do to improve the information?
  • Any other feedback on the patient information.

Your feedback?

The closing date for feedback was Monday 11th December 2017. Thank you for sending us your comments. A summary of the comments and what we have done as a result of all the feedback will be available here in the next couple of weeks. A summary of the feedback will also be provided to the CCG Governing Body meeting in public on 14th December 2017.